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Yes, we do. You can sign up for a FREE account and immediately start connecting with worldwide manufacturers, suppliers and buyers by filling up this short form.
NOTE: Please enter accurate and verifiable information while filling up the form as fake profiles are liable to get deleted.

Yes, any information you put on your profile has to be 100% accurate and real. Please do not enter fake details when creating your profile, as you would expect the same of any buyer or seller you connect with on this platform.
If you feel you do not want to make your details public for some reason, please do not create a public profile on this platform.

Simply run a search on the search bar available on most pages of this platform. Key in your product name and click on the Find Suppliers button.
Once you get the list of suppliers on the search results page, click on Inquire Now to send them a detailed inquiry. You can also add relevant sellers to your favorites list by clicking on Add to Favorites and later selecting multiple sellers at the same time to send them your inquiry.
You can also try finding manufacturers and suppliers by browsing through our category list available here .